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Providing professional pet care is our top priority. K9 Klub Dog grooming takes pride in services that we provide to our clients. Whether you need pet grooming, a place for your pet to stay, or a relooking for a specific pet care product, we have all your needs conveniently located in one place. We are a San Antonio business that you will love and a place that your pet will love to visit.

K9 Klub has been satisfying customers for almost eight years and has quickly become known as a premiere place for San Antonio dog grooming. Whether your pet needs a basic shampoo or a treatment that requires extra time and care, you will be pleased with the quality of service you receive and the appearance of your pet.

Leaving your pet with someone else is never an easy decision. Because we want your dog to fell like a member of the family, we offer lots of special touches that make your dog feel right at home. K9 Klub provides nurturing retreat for your pet during your absence, and while they will miss you, we are certain that they will want to come back and visit with us again.

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